Sattu 1.500 KG

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Sattu 1.500 KG


As per the Tibetean folk story SATTU is the oldest ready food used from The Plateau of Himalaya to the Basin Of Ganga. Whether in home, neighbour or abroad it was used for its quality to get ready only with water. No fuel, No oil, No utensil required. Hence every one used to carry with them. In 20th  century all physician started to prescribe SATTU as the best food supplement to the DIABITICS and ATHELETES. In Regular course SWASTIK SATTU cures constipation and a lot of other diseases.

Sattu is made by processing gram which is a commonly used pulse or dal. De-husked grams are cleaned, roasted and pulverised to convert them into powder or flour form and this is known as Sattu. It is used in many vegetarian food and snacks preparation.

Reportedly, there are very few Sattu-making plants in Patna district and “Shree Durga Sattu Chura Udyog” is the pioneer among them. This is a very popular item of Bihar and obviously Bihar or Jharkhand are the  preferred locations as well as many other parts of the country.

Important Notes:
  • Packaging:1.700 KG  Package contains(3 of 500gm+ 1  200gm) Packs
  • Packets Design May Vary.

Sattu is regularly used in many households and restaurants & eateries. It is used in many food and snack preparations especially during summer and favourite for mass consumptions. Sattu, which has very high nutritional value, is a commonly used ingredient in Bihari cuisine.

Many breakfast dishes or snacks are made from this ingredient, for example, a healthy & cultural drink. Some people add green chilli, lemon juice and salt for added flavor. Other popular items are Sattu Paratha , Litti etc.

1 Fat 6.37 g/100 g AOAC 920.85
2 Protein 19.3 g/100 g AOAC 920.87
3 Carbohydrates 66.3 g/100 g IS : 2234 - 2005
4 Energy Value 399 Kcal/100 g By Calculation
5 Energy from Fat 57 Kcal/100 g By Calculation
6 Sugar as Sucrose 5 g/100 g AOAC 923.09
7 Dietary Fibre 21.9 g/100 g IS : 11062 - 1984
8 Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) 217.3 IU/100 g By HPLC
9 Vitamin C 7.36 mg/100 g IS : 5838 - 2005
10 Iron 8.6 mg/100 g AOAC 944.02 , 32.1.09
11 Calcium 65.6 mg/100 g AOAC 984.27 , 999.10
12 Sodium 40.6 mg/100 g IS : 15121 - 2008
13 Cholesterol 0.1 g/100 g Lab Validated Method
14 Fatty Acid Profile
a Saturated Fat 0.9 g/100 g AOAC 996.01
b Monounsaturated Fat 2.3 g/100 g
c Ployunsaturated Fat 3.2 g/100 g
d Trans Fat Not Detected g/100 g

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